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The restaurant à la Santé marked its opening in 2013, ranking the first place among the best 5 restaurants in Tirana. Few meters away from the main street, in the so-called Block, this dining place has two rooms and a porch, where one can have pleasantly undisturbed meals. The philosophy of the restaurant has its foundation on healthy food. The dishes, wisely combined, contain seasonal veggies, generally being cooked in oven or steam.

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The method of cooking includes combining the french cuisine with the italian one.

Furthermore, à la Santé brings special dishes in Tirana, such as Quinoa with Truffle, Tabbouleh (of Lebanon cuisine, adapted for à la Santé), Kosher (of Egyptian cuisine, and elaborated yogurt with seeds in addition). The menu of à la Santé includes numerous Albanian traditional dishes, vegetarian or vegan dishes, and also dishes of the clients’ preferences. In addition, à la Santé gives the clients the possibility to choose what to eat referring their blood type. Another aspect to be considered is that the friendly staff of à la Santé is much concerned in fulfilling its clients’ requests.



If the restaurant had lack of its masters’ stillness and love in cooking the dishes with that special kind of taste they have, it would have lack of the unique face it has nowadays, as well.

                             “We can easily tell once character by his favorite food”. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau.



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This restaurant is a real shelter for refined tastes and delicacy. The food is cooked with only “extra-virgin” olive oil. The ingredients are pretty fresh and the method of cooking, without being too sophisticated, is much delicate. The service is friendly. “May the food be your medicine and may your medicine be on your plate”.

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We promise an unique experience for native clients and foreign ones, and we provide you with an unforgettable food mini-journey anytime you visit us.

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